Coral RF is a global supplier of IOT, specializing in the research and production of 868M modules and 915M module based on TI wireless MCU CC1310, CC1311, CC1312, CC1314, CC1352, CC1354 and other CC11xx series, as well as 868M and 915M modules based on RF single chip CC1120, CC1201, CC1200, CC1101. Including various low-power, medium power, and high-power amplifier wireless modules. It is also a solution provider for wireless sensor networks, USB to wireless dongle, 485, 232, STM32 industrial motherboard, stepper drivers, servo drivers, and micro servo cylinders.
The application areas of the product include: BLE, sigfox, remote control, large capacity real-time transmission, wireless meter reading, window cleaning machine, power monitoring, coal mine monitoring, zigbee network, narrowband network, and intelligent equipment manufacturing. Coral RF's products offer discounted prices and reliable quality.
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Global Supplier of IOT